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Corporate Well-being


At Lync Well-being we are on a mission is to deliver workplace wellbeing solutions which encourage positive lifestyle choices and an organisational culture which champions wellbeing.


We challenge our clients to move beyond just ticking a wellbeing box by encouraging them to think about a more fundamental approach, which drives improved health. Our emphasis is on a practical, step by step approach which is responsive, and offers flexibility and authenticity.


Wellbeing is a journey and Lync Wellbeing are with you every step of the way.

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Physical Well-being Assessments

We offer an extensive range of physical wellbeing assessments covering body composition, blood pressure, cholesterol plus much more. Our assessments are consultation focused so employees leave knowing what to do to improve their health.

Mental Well-being Screening

Understanding our own mental health is not only crucial for identifying changing states of mental health but also what impacts our mental health in both a positive and negative way. Mental Wellbeing Screening gives you the tools to do that.

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Corporate Well-being Days

Wellbeing Days are designed to provide employees with a ‘taster’ of services which you may be looking to implement in more detail moving forward. They are fun, interactive, informative and engaging which helps to drive the wellbeing culture.


Well-being Seminars

& Workshops

Engaging and interactive workshops which are carried out either onsite or remotely. Covering topics such as Mindfulness, Mental Health, Nutrition, Effective Exercise, Behaviour Change, Goal Setting plus many more.



We offer a range of therapies which can be carried out onsite by our specialist therapists. These include Seated Massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture plus many more.

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Team Event Day

Innovative events and activity programmes that enhance team performance and create staff buy-in, through higher levels of motivation, improved fitness levels and a healthier workforce.

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Corporate Gym Memberships

Exercise is a critical part of looking after ones wellbeing. Our corporate gym memberships brings exercise to the masses with a well equipped gym and PT's who can guide employees through their training.


Employee Surveys

For a wellbeing initiative to be successful it's important it's built using a combination of what people would like to do and what will affect change. Understanding what your employees value will help to drive engagement.


Mental Health First Aid

MHFA teaches people how to understand more about Mental Health and equip them with the skills to identify signs in others as well as provide the right support. Support and early intervention can have a massive impact for the individual and the organisation.

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Remote Services

It's not always convenient to have external organisations onsite so Lync Well-being provide a range of remote services. These come in various guises including, support guides, exercise, workshops, support groups plus many more.

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Company Health Reports

At Lync Well-being we produce in depth company health reports show trends and comparisons, enabling recommendations and tailored guidance to be given as part of your wellbeing initiative.

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Occupational Health

Our occupational health services will help keep your employees healthy and safe whilst in work and manage any risks in the workplace that are likely to give rise to work-related ill health.


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